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Charlene Wardlow , a past President of The GGA (1993 - 1995), has been named Geothermal Program Manager and District Deputy in charge of the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR)' Northern District, based in Sacramento. Wardlow started her new role with the California Department of Conservation (DOC) on April 28, 2016.

Charlene worked at The Geysers for over 22 years, including as an intrepid permitting specialist and environmental engineer at Calpine until 2006. Charlene diligently and faithfully served The GGA in almost every capacity as a member, a committee member, an office holder, including three terms as GGA President. We wish her well in her new post continuing to enthusiastically serve the geothermal industry!!!

Looking back: The Geysers Geothermal Association
has supported
The Geysers for over 30 yrs!

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This is the official website of the Geysers Geothermal Association (GGA), a non-profit association comprised of the various companies
that constitute the geothermal industry at The Geysers in Lake and Sonoma counties in Northern California.

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