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40 years ago, in March 1984, the first issue of the GGA Newsletter The Geysers Steamline was published!

Our GGA newsletter, The Geysers Steamline, is now published three times a year by the Geysers Geothermal Association, and mailed to current GGA members. It is also made available to GGA members in an online version if they wish it. The purpose is to make information available to all GGA members, with articles of general interest about happenings affecting the geothermal industry at The Geysers and the people that have an impact upon the affairs of The Geysers.

Copies of past GGA "Steamline" Newsletters are made available to the general public and are posted here using "pdf" files. They may be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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Marilyn Sanborn , Editor

The Geysers Steamline
P.O. Box 6501
Santa Rosa, CA 95406

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