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About the GGA Scholarship:

The Geysers Geothermal Association (GGA), a non‐profit trade association which is comprised of the various companies that constitute the geothermal industry in Lake, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, is pleased to announce the availability of the Fred Haley Memorial Scholarship.

There will be one (1) scholarship awarded to a high school senior who has relatives that are directly involved and spend a majority of their working time in Geysers Geothermal field. The scholarship will be for $5,000. The scholarship program is one of the ways the GGA endeavors to be of service to the geothermal community.

Selection of recipients will be based upon the student's academic record, student activities, citizenship and an evaluation of the renewable energy related essay question. Please note that there is no formal application
form for applying for this scholarship. The application must include:

1. Current transcript through seven semesters of high school.
2. List of student activities including offices held.
3. List and brief description of all extracurricular and/or community activities.
4. Statement of verification by the applicant's school counselor.
5. One‐page statement (essay) by the applicant about their future goals.
6. Brief statement by the applicant’s relative describing their work relationship to The Geysers
Geothermal Field.
7. One‐page essay answering the following question. “If you could change your community or society in
a positive way, what changes would you make and why?”

The 2016 GGA Scholarship winner is Harrison Koos. He graduated from Casa Grande High School, Petaluma with a 4.29 GPA.  Harrison will be attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Harrison's dad, John,  works as the Compliance  Manager at NCPA.

Frank Obertance
Chairman, GGA Scholarship Fund

Questions about the GGA Scholarship should be addressed to:

Calpine Geothermal Visitors Center

Attention: Vera Crabtree-GGA Scholarshop Fund

12200 Central Park Rd,

Middletown, CA 95481

In the 28 years since our scholarship program was established, sixty-six Sonoma and Lake County high school seniors have received a total of $52,000 in scholarships from the Geysers Geothermal Association! Our scholarship program is one of the ways the GGA endeavors to be of service to the geothermal community.

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